De Speld

Partij Tegen de Burger

Dutch news satire website De Speld needed help shooting new episodes for their staple show 'Partij Tegen de Burger', headed for a national TV and online release.

Together with director Michiel Peereboom, Richard van Rijn shot six new sketches for De Speld’s Party Against the Citizen (Partij Tegen de Burger). The satirical sketches point out the hypocritical nature of the Dutch political climate by presenting a party that is truly ‘honest’ about their policies and plans.

After being initially featured during Jeroen Pauw’s Scheefgroei on NPO1, all episodes were subsequently released on De Speld's YouTube channel. After one month of being online the videos have reached over a million cumulative views.

1) Party Against the Citizen: 'No children with a future' (Original air date: 21/12/21, 21:50 - NPO1)
2) Party Against the Citizen: 'Work harder, Dutch people' (Original air date: 27/12/21, 22:15 - NPO1)
3) Party Against the Citizen: 'Milk, milk, milk' (Original air date: 28/12/21, 22:40 - NPO1)
4) Party Against the Citizen: 'Choke on it!' (Original air date: zo 2/1/22, 22:30 - NPO1)
5) Party Against the Citizen: 'State pensions? Get rid of 'em' (Original air date: 3/1/22, 21:30 - NPO1)
6) Party Against the Citizen: 'Doubling all your problems before 2050' (Original air date: 9/1/22, 22:10 - NPO1)

Cast: Steven Stol
Director: Michiel Peereboom
Script: Jochem van den Berg, Matthijs van Rumpt, Rudolf Julius
Camera: Richard van Rijn
Sound: Leonardo Fontana
Producer: Babs van Houten
Edit: Yanno Post
AD: Lisanne Vegt
Production company: De Speld

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