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25 Nov 2021

Currently, where online visibility is even more important, many people choose video to be able to (continue to) reach their target group. Unfortunately, you are not the only one who has had this idea. What distinguishes videos with impact from videos that are not picked up is the fact that many companies want to inform, alert and convert in 1 video. And often without it being brand-worthy. The outcome? A viewer who quickly drops out or is left with a diffused image.

I believe that you can get more out of your marketing activities by doing less. Sounds crazy right? Key in this is focus. In order to create focus, you must have a clear idea of where you want to go, make a concrete plan to achieve this and then implement it and regularly refine it.

This way of thinking has been around since the mid-20th century and was officially introduced by Peter Drucker and called Management by Objectives. The essence of Management by Objectives is that business goals are devised together. When the goals of the organization are jointly determined, this creates motivation and empowerment throughout the organization.

The easiest model to apply this is the OGSM-methodology and is the perfect combination of quantitative and qualitative objectives. OGSM is an acronym for Objective, Goals, Strategy and Measures. The objective is the stepping stone for the qualitative dot on the horizon. A good objective gives energy and is really a choice. Based on the objective the quantitative goals are set, also called the key KPIs that are needed to achieve the objective. The Strategies are the specific strategic choices needed to achieve the objective. They are the building blocks that, if properly implemented, reinforce each other in order to achieve the objective. The Measures consist of quantitative measurements to chart the progress of the Strategies and actions needed to make the specific Strategy a success. Actions therefore always have a clear deadline and owner.

OGSM flowchart
OGSM flowchart

A strict PDCA cycle (Plan, Do, Check & Act) ultimately ensures that progress is guaranteed and the necessary improvements can be made to the strategic plan. Unfortunately, it has been shown more than once that the Murphy's law does contain some form of truth.

Wet van Murphy
Murphy's law

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