Interactive Saint Nicholas Show

25 Nov 2021


Unbelievable... The first pepernoten are already in the shopping basket. But Sinterklaas and the Pieten have not even arrived in the Netherlands yet! And yet you are already thinking... What to give the children of your employees. But what is a fun and original idea? It brings with it the necessary question marks. Is there a Sint coming? A gift for every child? What is a fun activity for the children? Oh dear, we are spending a lot of time on this....


Our interactive Sinterklaasshow is a 30-minute online program. In a fictional story world, the children have to solve different problems together with Sinterklaas and the Pieten in order to save the Sinterklaas party. They have to sing songs, solve riddles and, as a climax, find presents in their own homes. We sent the presents to the parents in advance. Through clever production, we can offer this show in a personalized way, in which branding and specific statements by the Sint are linked to your company to give the children the feeling that Sinterklaas has worked very closely with you.

Look here for a short impression from last year - made and personalized for PostNL:

sinterklaas concept


Sinterklaas and his Pieten have come to the Netherlands this year and will also visit your company! Sinterklaas will look in the big book to see if all children of the employees have behaved well this year. What a surprise! All the children in your company have earned a present, so let's go to the big storehouse! But what the heck... Oh no! Head Pete has lost the key to the Pakjeshuis. Together with Sint and the Pieten, the children go on a crazy adventure to find the key back. Among other things, they have to sing Saint Nicholas songs, find the Hideout, dance with Danspiet and wake up the sleeping Pakjespiet.


The result is a wonderful 23-minute interactive Sinterklaas show made especially for children. Despite the corona measures, children can enjoy the Sinterklaas show. This makes them feel that Sinterklaas is around. The show gives a comical, interactive representation of the Sinterklaas party with a high involvement of children, for your company!


"Celebrating Sinterklaas online, you have shown that this is absolutely no problem. Different locations, storylines, and everything came together in that one beautiful story, to all our children from PostNL. And then the children sat there at home, full of excitement, with the real idea that Sinterklaas and Piet appealed to them. I think you have achieved what you can achieve in a Sinterklaas story. Thank you so much for that and I hope we can do something just as cool this year!"
- Stephanie Hofwegen, Event Manager PostNL

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